How ElasticSearch and Kibana make the c|g BI IT solution “just work”

Lets start this off with an intro of what the c|g BI IT products are designed to do.  We looked for a way to index several hundred thousand data points and provide easy access to them in real time to OUR end users that needed them.  We needed real-time, agent-less collection from MANY different types of sources (Servers, Routers, Switches, Tape Robots, Arduino boards, etc).  Some data points are simple to track and trend, ie. “How many tickets related to backup jobs were created?”  Others are much more complex, “How many backup jobs are failing due to traffic timeout in Dallas, TX  during inclement weather on Saturdays?”

This led us to to investigate several leading commercially available solutions, SAP BusinessObjects, IBM Cognos, Oracle OBIE/Hyperion, and Microsoft BI to name a few.  For us, it came down to a combination of products that needed to be integrated and accessible on a global scale.  The result of this effort is three fold.

  1. We have purpose designed hardware tuned for the unique work loads of BI/EDW clusters
  2. We have a custom designed BI platform that actually gives us faster and more specific information than splunk (an industry standard).
  3. We have installe