Google CR-48 and Ubuntu, oh joy!

We received the CR-48 and did our due diligence to el goog and tested ChromeOS. Now that the testing phase is over, it’s time to get modify and change…aka hack the device for something other than its intended purpose. For the moment we will be flashing the BIOS and install ubuntu (not the easy way, we never do that, we’d never learn a thing. 🙂 )

The steps as we see it
1) Acquire a CR-48 (thanks google!)
2) take a backup of the current partitions and data (even though its in the cloud)
3) switch to dev mode
4) install ubuntu using chromeos kernel
5) backup rom
6) send backed up rom somewhere safe (thanks again google for the wonderful gmail service)
7) flash insyde bios (feels like a broken record, but thanks google for sending some kid a chinese version of windows 7 and a less restrictive bios)
8) set the boot parameters in the BIOS
9) install ubuntu from a usb key
10) success