Designed to grow with you

The c|g cloud solution stands out in a crowded market. Offering more than simple IaaS or basic cloud  features. Our robust, scalable High Performance Cloud (HPC) is the right solution for you and your business!  Like everything else at c|g, we recognized the need for a reliable, flexible and high performing custom cloud solution that wouldn’t break the bank but would fit our ever growing needs and the needs of our clients.

Fanatic Attention to Detail

c|g solutions is driven to provide industry leading customer service and the highest quality work. We do this through the use of industry proven technologies and acute attention to detail. Every customer engagement project is treated with the same kit-glove care we would treat our own endeavors with. We have a combined 25+ years of industry experience and a rich company culture that encourages our staff to explore and experiment with emerging technologies.


c|g was founded on the simple principle that you and your business deserve a better solution and a better technology partner.  A partner that will treat you with the respect and care that you deserve.  Founded on the idea that your data and vital business applications should not only work for you on your schedule but be accessible to you in any of the many formats you, your customers or your employees might need them.  Whether it’s through industry leading cloud services, a responsive designed website, custom mobile application, Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Solutions, or any other needs your business may have; we’ve got you covered.  With our unique worldwide network, attention to detail and top tier employees; we can help you stay agile and nimble.

One of our customers, a large global eCommerce provider, is a company built on the japanese principle of “Omotenashi,” which is the concept of providing high quality and personal service to all regardless of stature.  We believe that the technology partners you choose should know you, should know your business and should always strive to deliver the highest quality experience.  Whether you’re a small company with small needs, or a multi national ecommerce juggernaut.

With our market leading customer service, tireless attention to detail and a relentless pursuit of more efficient and effective technologies, we’ve innovated and grown for more than 10 years.  Customer success is a crucial component to us here at c|g and is an obvious cornerstone of our business.  As an emerging market leader in hosted HPC BI, EDW, BA, and Cloud GPU Services, we bring the cost effectiveness of Cloud Computing with the Industry skill and expertise to deliver your targeted needs to you, in the format you need, when you need it.

The successful businesses of today utilize the fast evolving beast that is the internet.  They require instant scalability and limitless flexibility. Our high performance cloud servers are purpose built and designed to give you the performance you need to fully realize your business, employees and customers; leaving nothing behind.

We invite you to explore how c|g solutions is re-shaping the customer experience.  We strive to provide the best products and services to our customers at all times.  Above and Beyond is built into our DNA and our focus on delivering the right solution the first time, every time has helped c|g grow year over year in both customer volumes and profitability.

Why c|g?

c|g solutions couples years of experience and expert project management with the latest technology to provide high quality, cost effective solutions for IT, Consulting, Hosting, and Development services.

The same cohesive team of c|g experts has worked together throughout the life of the company to provide reliable and experienced service, combining traditional care with the newest and most efficient technology available.

With our ongoing commitment to provide the most satisfying experience, exacting security and compliance standards with regard to your projects, c|g has set itself apart from the competition.

Our skill sets go far beyond just the technical. Directly communicating with VPs, CIOs and Directors, we discuss Technology in a clear and professional manner. We recognize our audience and our customers. You are a professional with expertise in your arena, and our goal is to meet your needs with courtesy and respect.

c|g staff truly stand out from all other information service companies. But how does this translate to your business? It’s relatively simple and starts with YOU and YOUR needs.

  • Every customer has access to an engineer and architect any time, day or night.
  • Every customer that engages us has a consultation with an architect that helps in right sizing their solution.
  • All cloud plans come standard with the features you really need (bandwidth, backups, DDoS protection, etc).

We make sure you get the right product with the right price, every time.  We invite you to contact us for a free consultation.  c|g can take on any technical issue, big or small, and provide you with the relief you need.

Let us help you save you money in this challenging economy by providing you our premier level service at an incredible value!


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